Monday, August 22, 2011


Oh how I just love this little man!

So for any of you who don't know the back story:
I did not grow up with dogs and I do (well did) not like them - not really even small dogs. Well, okay some dogs were cute, but definitely not big dogs. So anyways of course my husband LOVES dogs and the great debate began - when were we going to get a dog?

I was lucky that the first year we were married our landlord did not allow pets, but as soon as we moved into a house it was "when are we getting a dog?!" I'll admit I wanted a dog but not the kind Alex had in mind! I wanted a cute, little dog and Alex wanted a big dog. We thought we would compromise on a medium sized dog until one fateful afternoon I started researching labs - I know weird. Well I decided that if we had to have a big dog a lab was a good fit. Alex was fairly convinced I'd fall in love with our puppy and then be okay when he grew big, but there was still a little uneasiness that things would not go well.

So what happened when we found this little guy?! I fell in love that's what! Alex (and myself) was so surprised at how easy I fell in love with little Miles. This is from when we first picked him up - he was a sleepy pup!
I mean really? How could you not?

Anyways the other day I was thinking - wow I really love Miles! And of course I really love Alex and I really love my family and friends, but it is a new kind of love (not that those other loves are the same...that'd be weird). Like how I probably will love my future child. And I've decided that's weird and kind of ridiculous and also kind of scary! I think being a parent is probably really crazy-scary (and yeah, yeah really great too!) But like how do you not worry about your child all the time? Anyways I guess I'll find out sooner or later, but right now I'm good with just being Mile's mommy :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Things I learned this weekend

Hi Friends!
How was your weekend? Mine was pretty fabulous if I may say! I'll tell you what even with just one year under my belt as Tippi Toes OKC franchise owner I am so much more relaxed! Of course I am still pretty busy (with more things coming as classes get ready to start - August 29!!!) but things are getting just a tad easier and I love that :)

Just a post about things I learned about life this weekend:

1. Chocolate candies take way longer to make if you only have one mold - one of my really close friends, Megan, is having a baby and I along with another friend Sarah through her a baby shower this weekend. For favors I made these chocolate baby candies. They took about 12 years to make though because I only had one mold...

2. Babies need a lot of stuff - Okay I already knew this, but it was just reinforced at this shower!

3. I really can't handle the thought of my sweet baby Miles getting hurt! As Alex and I were getting ready for church yesterday morning, Milies jammed his leg as he was running around and immediately crumpled and could barely walk and was crying. Neither of us knew what to do and I was practically in tears! Thankfully he healed quickly (maybe a twist or a bad bruise?) after sitting (okay being cradled like a baby) and we didn't have to take him to the vet. It was really scary and I would just prefer that to never happen again.

4. Naps are fabulous - in the right setting. After church yesterday Alex and I took a nap! A lot of times I really can't nap because my brain does not stop going, but yesterday worked. We hadn't in soo long and it was soo nice! Except for when Alex wouldn't get up afterwards and I had to go get Miles to lick him awake :) Okay that was pretty great too :)

5. Don't take the loved ones in your life for granted - on Saturday Alex went to hang out with his friends and I decided to have a night to myself. Well of  course part of that time would be dedicated to food blogging (and of course the rest to reality tv)! I came across a really sad post about a dedication to a fellow blogger who suddenly lost her husband; and then another, and then another. After a little more looking, I found that this woman lost her husband suddenly to a heart attack. She asked that everyone make a peanut butter pie in memory of her husband since it was his favorite. That led to bloggers everywhere making a post about peanut butter pie. My reaction - well of course I called Alex sobbing and barely making any sense while trying to explain to him my crazy behavior. Anyways it just reminded me how precious life is. To remember to cherish those that are special to me. And to not take anything for granted.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Food Blog Love

So I first discovered my love of food blogs this past spring. Let me tell you that love quickly grew into an obsession! I'd like to share a few of my favorite food blogs with you!

Joy the Baker - so so so great! This one was my first obsession. She has such great recipes and is so funny! I love the way she writes and I not-so-secretly would like to meet her. She absolutely has the most amazingly fantastic s'mores brownies :)

How Sweet It Is - You will die- she is absolutely hilarious!!! She makes me laugh out loud and is a great place to go when you need a laugh. And her recipes are amazing- duh. She and Joy are tied for first place of favorite blogs. She makes really yummy roasted green bean fries and about a trillion amazing desserts that I can't wait to make like better-than-crack brownies and cookie dough dip

Two Peas & Their Pod - she isn't crazy-funny like the first two but her recipes are great! I also love that she is pregnant- is that weird? I like happy, married, pregnant ladies. They make me smile.... not that not-married pregnant ladies make me sad? Hmm....I'll just stop...awkward sorry...

Anyways she always has really great looking cookie recipes like triple chocolate oreo chunk cookies and food-food like spinach artichoke white bean crostini

The Pioneer Woman - she is so wise :) Some of her recipes are too out there for me mainly though because I'm picky and I don't eat cows or most sea creatures. But her pasta with tomato cream sauce was pretty fab and this grilled corn guacamole looks like a winner. I also like how she will sometimes post her top favorites of "fill in the blank category."

Annie's Eats - this is the newest member of my food blog list so I don't know as much yet, but I like her! A friend introduced me to this blog and she's pretty great! I'm pretty excited about her black bean burgers except I'll have to wait to make these for a girls' night or something since Alex thinks this whole no-meat burger thing is from crazy town. But I think he would enjoy some double cookie dough ice cream and I would too!

That's it folks! My top five food blogs. It may seem weird to you but I love them :) :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Recap

So let me first just share with all of you that I've been typing for um 30 minutes when I accidentally closed the internet window, lost all that I had been posting on here, and now have to recreate it when I didn't even want to do it all in the first place...

It has been a way long time since I have been on here and mainly just because I like creeping on other people's blogs more then making my own. Also, I have discovered food blogs. Yup. I read them all the time. I even have my favorites bookmarked. I check them daily and get sad when there isn't new food for me to look at. Pretty weird right? I'm not embarrassed. And don't judge because I have made some pretty fabulous recipes this summer!

Anyways back to my summer recap that starts right now!

The Tippi Toes conference in Tulsa this summer was so amazing! It was so great to finally meet everyone in person and catch up with those I already knew! Sarah and Megan did a wonderful job and I'm so lucky to be a part of such an inspiring group of women! Watch out world Tippi Toes is comin' at you strong this year! We can't wait to teach your kiddos our awesome dances! AND they had a banquet for us at the end of the weekend which Alex came up for. AND I won Franchisee of the Year! It was such a surprise when Sarah and Megan called my name! I won a really great trophy and a beautiful diamond ring! Needless to say I was shocked! I'm so thankful to be a part of Tippi Toes. I know I say this all the time but I really have the best job of all time!
Receiving my awards

Picture with Sarah and Megan (and cutie Lola!)
Next came Princess Camp in OKC! Wowzer what a week- dancing, princesses, sparkles, stories, crafts! It was a blast and my teachers did so well. Those little princesses were so fun!!!
Making princess necklaces with Princess Ivy the inventor!

These princesses were perfect ballerinas!

Practicing one of the princess dances

A little freeze dance before snack time!
After a great camp, summer classes started and Alex and I FINALLY bought me a new car!
Unfortunately about two weeks later I wrecked it :(
On our way up to Colorado, we left really early in the morning (my idea. I feel like if you leave early and get there when its still kind of daytime its better) And it was really dark on the highway because we were out in the boonies with no street lights. Well little did I know that there was a semi truck tire waiting for me to run over. My cute little car could not handle it and lets just say five hours later, a tow truck taking us to the body shop, and Alex's parents kindly letting us borrow their car, we left for our trip to Colorado. Let's just say I won't be in a hurry to leave early anymore... the damage to the car is deceiving- it cost $3400 to fix it!!! Thank goodness for insurance right? I felt horrible!!!

At least our trip to Colorado was great! Remember when I said for our anniversary Alex gave me a "good for one anniversary-like" trip pass? We decided to go to Colorado since we had never been up by ourselves. It was SO nice! So quiet and just the two of us. We did some hiking around but mostly were lazy and enjoyed the beautiful mountain view! Sorry I don't have any pictures!! Then we got to bring this little guy into our family!!!
Meet Miles Genheimer!!!

The next weekend I headed up to Chicago for my older sister's, Sarah, bridal shower! Her bridesmaids (me, my other sister, Alisa, Leslie in Californian and Melinda in Philidelphia) as well as our mom were all able to get together for a fun-filled weekend! It was great!
We did an "around the world" theme because Sarah loves to travel and her and Jeff are going on an African Safari for their honeymoon!!

The following weekend I went down to Texas to see my parents and Alisa and have a belated- Birthday Shopping Trip with my mom and Alisa! We went to some really fun stores and my mom bought me a dress and headband (of course) for my present. I love that my parents still make a big deal about birthdays :)

Then my parents came to Oklahoma the following weekend because my dad was going to help us fix our sick-nasty kitchen ceiling. He is superman- seriously he can fix anything. He and Alex took the box out and then (because they ran out of time) the following Monday Alex's dad helped Alex put the new lights in. Before and After below!
So this isn't a very good picture but this was back in the spring when we first started remodeling but you can see how low the ceiling is with that weird box light deal

But then we got to literally smash it off and it looked like this!

This is after our awesome dads and of course super-Alex put in some major work hours
And painted - just pretend that back part isn't still white okay?

Other side of the room- so much better right?

Now that leads us basically up to now- getting ready for a second year of Tippi Toes in OKC! I am so pumped and have some really great new schools and new teachers to help me out!