Friday, April 15, 2011

So...I know I haven't posted in about 10 years but recital time, Princess camp planning, MOVING BUYING A HOUSE, living in that house while it is basically under construction (Alex and I just moved out of the living room into a bedroom two nights ago-no not the master!), and still trying to teach class, answer emails, and sleep will do that to you :)

Anyways I just really want to tell all of you (even though only like two people read this) that I just had the most absolutely wonderful, amazing, uplifting experience at the PULSE dance convention in Dallas. It was so great to dance all weekend- afterwards I was inspired, refreshed and awakened, and sore (which I know this is weird but I love that feeling). I wish I could go every month :) Here are some pics for you :)

 On our way back from buying our PULSE goodies (sweatpants duh) before classes begin in the morning!

 After our first class- Hip Hop with Dave Scott- believe me I looked real cool...but it was still great :)

 Central Market duh- Ariel and Liz had never been!!!

 Fancy shoes :)

Right before our last class with MIA MICHAELS. It was a glorious weekend :)