Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello World!

How I have missed all of you! I have a lot of catching up to do in the blog world and really don't know where to start! Hmm...let's go back a ways...

To Alex and my 1st anniversary! Yes that was 3 weeks ago...! I had plans of writing this blog all about Alex and how much I love him and make it really gushy and gross you guys out but he did such a great job of making our anniversary weekend the best that I didn't have time! Then before I knew it, it was the week again and it had left my mind (ya know to that part that holds all the unfinished projects or ideas you have that you don't get to for 12 weeks)! I'll just give you a shortened version of our special day :)

We got up and went to this cutie coffee shop we've been to a few times called Full Cup. This place is just so darn cute and I just love that it's not a Starbucks. Is that bad? Don't get me wrong, I like Starbucks (I am a franchise owner myself duh) but I just feel bad for the little coffee shops sometimes!

Then we went home and opened presents! I got Alex and personalized garden rock that says "The Genheimers - Est May 22, 2010." He loves landscaping if you didn't know and has been in the process of updating our yard. He got me a certificate good for one "honeymoon-like" trip! This was super exciting as I always talk about how I want another honeymoon :) More on this in a later post :)

A little later in the morning we went down to Moore to get our wedding cake topper! Let me just say I have been thinking about our cake topper ever since we ordered our cake before our wedding! THEY GIVE YOU A ANNIVERSARY CAKE TOPPER FOR FREE! I mean that is basically why we chose them :) It is delicious...I wish I had another one right now...

We went to lunch at Zios- Zios is where we went the night Alex asked me to be his girlfriend so this Italian restaurant is extra special :) Then we went to the newly renovated OKC Botanical Gardens (also where we went on our first night as an official couple). It is just so beautiful there I wish it was closer to where we lived! We don't get to go to often since it is all the way downtown.

Then we came home and relaxed! It was perfect and I just love him :)
The end. Have a good week!