Thursday, August 2, 2012

things i'm loving these days of summer (in no particular order):
1. sun dresses
2. grilled veggies!
3. early morning runs
4. chocolate chip pancakes
5. the olympics - duh
6. pink toes
7. homemade face masks - or at least searching for a good one!
8. white wine
9. my coral shorts
10. frozen grapes - well this is every summer!

just thought i'd share! hope you are lovin' summer!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I LOVE Summer!!!

Summer is here and I am so happy! Here are my top 16 reasons for loving summer in no particular order :)

1. The sun :) It warms my body and makes me happy
2. Guacamole and margaritas are better during summer
3. Swimming!!!
4. Princess Camp - Tippi Toes famous Princess Camp is so magical and fun!
5. While we're on the subject, Tippi Toes Franchise Conference is in the summer. These ladies are the best and it is the only time we are all together!
6. Grilling out and outside parties with friends.
7. Snow cones!!!
8. The Fourth of July
9. My Birthday!! <- I still love to celebrate it :)
10. Running in the summer is way more fun than winter - as long as you don't do it in the middle of the day...yikes!
11. Sundresses and skirts!! I really don't love pants so I like to wear these as often as possible in the summer. Shorts are still good though :)
12. The smell of sunscreen...I know some of you think I'm a weirdo
13. Hiking in Colorado!
14. Fruity desserts - you all know I'm a chocolate girl through and through but cobblers with ice cream? YUM!
15. Ice cream duh...but really this is all year long.
16. Summer dancing!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Life Should be Illegal

So I was printing off fliers for Tippi Toes when it hit me - my life is so good, it should be illegal!

I have hands down the best job of all time,
I'm married to a wonderful, wonderful man,
we live in a great house with an even greater dog (Miles!!!),
we both have wonderful parents and siblings and friends to surround us - life is good!

Even when things get not so good, things are still good ya know?

That's all :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

9 Lives

So a while back when Alex and some of our friends and I went to Colorado over Christmas break we started talking about if we had "nine lives" what we would be or do in the those lives. I didn't think of nine but here are the ones I picked:

1. Professional dancer: I'm talking like hardcore prima ballerina in New York kind of pro dancer!

2. A world traveler: I would totally just go all over the place and see the world!

3. Have a famous cooking/baking blog: I know, I'm obsessed but I seriously think these ladies are AWESOME!!

4. Famous movie actress: I think it'd be fun to be glamorous :) :)

What would some of your lives be?

I definitely wouldn't change my life one bit. I'm just really love my little family of Alex and Miles and LOVE my job!

In other news I've finally used my crock pot for more than just apple cider for a Christmas party! I've made crock pot chicken taco soup and orange chicken which both turned out delicious! Don't you just love pinterest?! That's where both the recipes came from.

Happy Monday everyone!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Amelia!

Hello Friends!
I know I haven't been on here in forever but the truth is I don't have that much to blog about these days unless you want to hear about my ever-increasing obsession of Tippi Toes or my love of food blogs! And then when I do have something to blog about (like going skiing over Christmas break) I don't have enough pictures for all of you to post to make it interesting!

But are you in luck as I am a new aunt with pictures of my sweet little niece, Amelia! When little Amelia was born she had jaundice and was under one of those little incubators so we couldn't really hold her or take many pictures. It was actually kind of funny though because she looked like she was tanning :)

Well last Friday my very good friend Megan, her cutie patootie Esly and I went down for the afternoon to see little Amelia again and of course give lots of snuggles! Here she is!

 The first time to hold Amelia!

 After a while we wanted her to wake up to play but she was grumpy ;-)

 There are those pretty eyes!

 Me, Esly, Amelia, and Alisa

 Megan, Esly, Amelia, Alisa

 She decided to go back to sleep

 It's okay I'll just snuggle!

 Loved all her faces!