Friday, May 6, 2011

Why I Love My iPhone

Not too long ago, Alex and I joined the ranks of iPhone lovers and oh how we love our iPhones. These are my favorite reasons:

1. I have this cute cover:
2. I can check my email when I'm gone all day teaching
3. I can run with iMapMyRun and Pandora- ah pure bliss :)
4. I can write down notes immediately so I don't forget anything I need to do
5. I can plan out Alex's and my meal plan for the week all on my phone- recipe apps and grocery lists all in one :)
6. I can wake up to any song or sound I want!
7. I don't ever have to know where I am going before I leave (which might be a bad habit)! Google maps on my phone? Thank you!
8. AroundMe.....enough said
9. I can actually see the pictures I take and send 
10. I don't really have a tenth but that bothers me so I will just say I really love iMapMyRun :) :) :)