Monday, February 6, 2012

9 Lives

So a while back when Alex and some of our friends and I went to Colorado over Christmas break we started talking about if we had "nine lives" what we would be or do in the those lives. I didn't think of nine but here are the ones I picked:

1. Professional dancer: I'm talking like hardcore prima ballerina in New York kind of pro dancer!

2. A world traveler: I would totally just go all over the place and see the world!

3. Have a famous cooking/baking blog: I know, I'm obsessed but I seriously think these ladies are AWESOME!!

4. Famous movie actress: I think it'd be fun to be glamorous :) :)

What would some of your lives be?

I definitely wouldn't change my life one bit. I'm just really love my little family of Alex and Miles and LOVE my job!

In other news I've finally used my crock pot for more than just apple cider for a Christmas party! I've made crock pot chicken taco soup and orange chicken which both turned out delicious! Don't you just love pinterest?! That's where both the recipes came from.

Happy Monday everyone!

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