Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Amelia!

Hello Friends!
I know I haven't been on here in forever but the truth is I don't have that much to blog about these days unless you want to hear about my ever-increasing obsession of Tippi Toes or my love of food blogs! And then when I do have something to blog about (like going skiing over Christmas break) I don't have enough pictures for all of you to post to make it interesting!

But are you in luck as I am a new aunt with pictures of my sweet little niece, Amelia! When little Amelia was born she had jaundice and was under one of those little incubators so we couldn't really hold her or take many pictures. It was actually kind of funny though because she looked like she was tanning :)

Well last Friday my very good friend Megan, her cutie patootie Esly and I went down for the afternoon to see little Amelia again and of course give lots of snuggles! Here she is!

 The first time to hold Amelia!

 After a while we wanted her to wake up to play but she was grumpy ;-)

 There are those pretty eyes!

 Me, Esly, Amelia, and Alisa

 Megan, Esly, Amelia, Alisa

 She decided to go back to sleep

 It's okay I'll just snuggle!

 Loved all her faces!


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  1. Love the Amelia...Alisa & Rusty must be proud!!!